Jessie: Day Three

Hard not notice that we can see right down Jessie’s top. This takes us into a conversation about a great topic: Jessie’s breasts and her underwear. She claims to be small (we’ll soon see she’s a lovely shape) and often doesn’t wear a bra at all. For a moment it looks like she’s not wearing pants as she eases out of her shorts. Don’t panic. It’s a thong. And a lovely view for members and non-members.

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Jessie: Day Two

We’re lucky. We just caught Jessie before she heads south. Back and forth between Puerto Rico and New York she just got a job in South Carolina and was about to leave town when we filmed her. Brainy? Yes she is, she’s in bio-chemistry research. You might forget that when she starts to unfasten her shorts.

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Jessie: Day One

As Jessie begins her Slow Exposure, there’s no mystery about her legs. On a warm day, she shows up wearing a tiny pair of shorts. You can see how lean and long-limbed she is. And you’ll be seeing a lot more. She’s a born New Yorker of mixed heritage but spent her childhood in Puerto Rico. She’s spending this week with us.

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Emily: Day Five


The towel is going… Yes, it’s gone. The last veil. And here is amazing Emily, completely naked, smiling and still chatting with us. We could compliment her on her skin too, but we are almost running out of compliments. How about some final poses? What does she think about the experience? “It’s interesting, it’s new…Thank you for having me.” Emily, thank you: and our members thank you too.

In the video gallery.

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Emily: Day Four

How did we ever get this lucky? Did you meet any woman more beautiful than Emily anywhere else this week? And she is going to slowly slide her delicate undergarments off under the cover of a towel. Of course, Slow Exposure members are going to see what is under the towel too. Can we confirm, Emily, that you are completely naked under there? “Yes.”

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Emily: Day Three

Gorgeous Emily’s flowing dress is a mess as we start today, because she’s been lifting at the front and flashing at the back. Might as well take it off completely. The black two-piece lingerie – anyone else thinking “Swordfish,” but with Halle Berry’s younger sister? She looks magnificent, sitting back in her underwear, lightly resting her palms on her thighs. Listen to the story about her short black dress ripping, and imagine what members are going to see tomorrow.

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Emily: Day Two

So, what do you think? Isn’t she beautiful? And what is under that flowing dress? We’ll find out a little bit today, after asking her to strike some elegant poses – we’ll try to ask her how she feels about short skirts. And without hesitating, she lifts that hem to show us. What about doing the same thing, but lifting the dress from the rear? She hasn’t been to a topless beach, but she’d like to. We’ll have to imagine some sand for her.

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Emily: Day One

Let’s welcome stunning Emily to the Slow Exposure community. Honestly, if you have no interest whatsoever in seeing what Emily looks like without that elegant, flowing, ankle-length summer dress, you are in the wrong place. Let her beautiful eyes and sweet smile draw you in as we learn about her; where she comes from, what she does (she’s a student) and whether she’s ever done anything like this before.

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Paloma: Day Five


The end of the road for Paloma’s clothes today, as members can see in the Video Gallery. She gets compliments on her legs, but really – what wouldn’t you compliment her on? We hear the story of the nipple ring today, then see her completely naked.

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Paloma: Day Four


Does that beautiful hair ever get in your way? “Yes, plenty of times.” It won’t get in the way today as Paloma peels off her red bra, then shows us a little topless bachata, holding her arms over her breasts, then releasing them to show her nipple ring.

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