Modeling for Slow Exposure

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Tracie stomach
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Stella briefs


Attractive New York Women: Earn $100 Cash or More in Fifteen Minutes.

Regular, everyday, attractive women in good shape wanted for art project. The video session will involve disrobing on camera (full nudity) and a casual interview.

Safe, friendly, male/female environment in central Manhattan. Earn instant cash.  Chaperone welcome.  Must be 18 years of age or older, photo ID required.

– This is an art project: no porn, no sex or simulated sex. Safe, respectful environment.

–  Please apply only if you are comfortable with brief, full nudity.

– The images are for a website, but nude images are password protected for viewing by members only and are not downloadable.

–  No need to use real name for interview: anonymity can be preserved.

– To apply, send full-length photo in everyday clothing (if you haven’t already done so).

– Chaperone welcome (not permitted on-set during shooting).

Please email questions to

Visit our website: 

Still booking

Email name, age, and recent full-length photo to:

Real Women.
Real Stories.


  • Innocent
  • Adventurous
  • Curious

These are the women of slow exposure.

Join us for a conversation on dreams and nudity with real women.

The office worker, the college student, the new yorker, the tourist, the exhibitionist club goer, the timid law student, all of these women taken a moment to reveal what makes them beautiful.

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