Modeling for Slow Exposure

Attractive New York Women: Earn $100 Cash or More in Fifteen Minutes.

Regular, everyday, attractive women in good shape wanted for art project. The video session will involve disrobing on camera (full nudity) and a casual interview.

Safe, friendly, male/female environment in central Manhattan. Earn instant cash.  Chaperone welcome.  Must be 18 years of age or older, photo ID required.

– This is an art project: no porn, no sex or simulated sex. Safe, respectful environment.

–  Please apply only if you are comfortable with brief, full nudity.

– The images are for a website, but nude images are password protected for viewing by members only and are not downloadable.

–  No need to use real name for interview: anonymity can be preserved.

– To apply, send full-length photo in everyday clothing (if you haven’t already done so).

– Chaperone welcome (not permitted on-set during shooting).

Please email questions to

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Still booking

Email name, age, and recent full-length photo to:

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