Mandy (Afro) in the Video Gallery

Mandy looks so happy and stripy in her smallest garments, but they have to go. First, she rolls the top over her head, but then uses her hands to cover her nipples. Working at the club, she tries to avoid showing too much. She checks her shorter dresses for underwear shows by bending over in them before heading out. But she isn’t shy with us, as she drops the hands, and talks about how she’d feel being nude on stage.

We thought you’d enjoy spending time with naked Mandy, so a slightly longer nude segment than usual. Before we enjoy her full-frontal beauty, note the rear view–and if you can see anything less than perfect about it, your eyes are better than hours. Finally out of that tiny thong, Mandy talks about–and shows–her cute pubic hair choices. The guests at the gentleman’s club just don’t know what they’re missing.

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