Jessie in the Video Gallery


We totally change things up today. In almost every Slow Exposure we’ve ever filmed, the last article of clothing our guest removes is her underpants (okay, we’ve had a couple who forgot to wear them in the first place). With Jessie, we suddenly switched. It was just obvious from her body language (the way she was holding herself) and what she said that she was going to be very shy about showing her (“34 double A”) breasts. We decided to save them until last and started today’s segment by having her just roll down the top of her thong. Finally she removes it.


Jessie spent some minuites bottomless, quite comfortably chatting about going clubbing and dancing. You’ll have noticed that, even unfastened, she keeps her bra closely hugged to her chest. When asked to let it fall, she hesitates a moment. Then does so and doesn’t know what to do. She covers her breasts with her arm for a moment, then folds her arms just under her chest. Her breasts, needless to say, are just beautiful. But she really has to be encouraged to let her arms fall naturally so we can enjoy it all.

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