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Just what is this Slow Exposure all about anyway? And why should I join?

All your questions answered below.

1. There are sexy videos everywhere on the internet. What makes Slow Exposure special?

None of the women you’ll see on Slow Exposure are in the business of undressing for strangers for money. No strippers, no porn actresses, no sex industry professionals (yes, we have a burlesque performer or two, but most burlesque is non-nude anyway). These are women with real lives recent graduates, office professionals, writers and artists, bar-tenders and stage performers, even a few unemployed.  Most of them have never done anything like this before.

2. With so much female nudity online free, why pay?

If you want to see another thousand porn models in the same old submissive poses, sticking their butts in the air and sucking things, then sure… there‚Äôs tons of free content. All our content is original, exclusive, and created by us – which costs money. For a low membership fee, you access a growing archive of videos and gain extraordinary access to real, beautiful women, removing their clothes in front of the camera for the first and maybe the last time.

3.What’s with all this talking in the videos?

Hey, we think women with voices, personalities, stories and opinions are just sexier than anonymous, silent, interchangeable nude photo models. Slow Exposure introduces you to the model of the week, lets you find out about who she is, what she does, how she thinks and speaks and dresses…and then, for members only, lets you bridge the gap from your imagination to the reality of her nakedness.

4. How often do you upload new videos to the video gallery?

We rotate the 50 videos in the video gallery around the beginning of each month.

5. Are these women for real?

Yes. These women responded to online ads and were willing to answer questions and undress for us. Nothing you see them do is scripted or rehearsed and we just ask our models to be themselves. When you watch, you’ll see many of them are kind of surprised and excited that they’re able to go through with this. It’s sexy and fun at the same time.

6. I am a woman, What is it like to be a Slow Exposure model?

Comments we’ve had are that it’s exhilarating, fun, comfortable, exciting, and that the environment is friendly and respectful. Some of our women are really challenging themselves to do this, and it seems to be a positive experience overall.

7. Where are the naked dudes?

Whoa, one thing at a time. The Slow Exposure concept might work for male models too, and we’re thinking about it.

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