Rose: Day Five

“Stepping outside of the box” is how Rose describes her participation in Slow Exposure. This segment begins with her holding one hand closely over her private parts as she pulls her panties down. And then we finally see everything.

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Rose: Day Four

We see more of Rose’s compact body as she shrugs of her bra, trying hard — but failing — to keep her breasts covered with her hands. Could she imagine doing a nude scene in front of an audience? “I’d be super-scared.” She is doing it for Slow Exposure members as she releases her hands and shows her bare breasts.

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Rose: Day Three

Pretty Rose surprised us with the extra layer of shorts, so we ask her to ease them off. She’s down to her shirt and underwear as she tells us about a “super-embarrassing” moment when her boobed popped out as she leaned forward to hug a male friend. Next stop, nudity.

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Rose: Day Two

We see Rose’s cleavage as she unwraps her scarf, and then again as she bends forward to slide her stockings off. Although we can see down her top, it turns out there was no point trying to see up her skirt: she has shorts on.

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Rose: Day One

With a smile to light up the Internet, and a skirt above her knees, Rose is a New Yorker born-and-bred visiting us from Brooklyn. She’s smartly dressed because she attended a couple of interviews before coming to the studio. This is a different kind of interview.

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Portia: Day Five

Skipping out from behind the chair, Portia is still using her hands to awkwardly cover her nakedness. Admitting that everybody is nude under their clothes, she eventually releases her arms, one by one, showing her beautiful breasts and finally everything else. She seems to be really into the “performance” aspect at this stage, spinning around and whipping her blonde hair. Quite a transformation from the business-like professional who walked in wearing a suit.

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Portia: Day Four

Some great, sexy comedy today. How can Portia take off her remaining garment without fully exposing her private parts? She hides behind the chair, standing with her legs apart to make sure the chair conceals her sex. With her bra off, she’s completely nude behind a piece of furniture. Her chest, when we finally see it, is spectacular.

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Portia: Day Three

Be on the edge of your seat as this segment starts. Portia has to peel her leggings off, and we know she’s wearing nothing under them. She needs to keep her upper garment tugged down. Is she successful? I don’t know; maybe you get a glimpse of something you shouldn’t. It’s not her first “accident” – she’s had the bikini top problem too.

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Portia: Day Two

Things get a little complicated when we discover that Portia, no matter how professional her look and mannner, is not wearing any panties. How will we gradually undress her? Meantime, we talk about her art and her work, and get a little flash of her belly button as she starts to pull her tights down.

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Portia: Day One

Portia is all business. Clear, positive, articulate, she admits she’s actually wearing a suit she wears for job interviews. But…she forgot her underwear. She grew up in the New York region, she’s a professional artist, a former dancer, and she’s never done anything quite like this before.

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