Abigail: Day Four


Facing away from me, Abigail shows the pretty lace finish on the back of her panties, and the delicate curves of her behind. It’s time for her to remove her bra. It seems to take so much time for the camera to pan down her legs and up again. The bra is off. She sits down again, her arms modestly crossed over her chest. She would consider appearing nude on-stage: “It depends how tasteful it is.” She drops one hand to her lap. With her legs almost in profile, you can hardly see that she’s still wearing panties. She continues to cover her nipples with just one arm. I need to ask her to move it.

She does. Join today to see the conclusion of this erotic conversation. Tomorrow, Abigail will be naked.

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Abigail: Day Three

We left Abgail yesterday with her short dress raised to the level of her underpants. So it seemed a good idea to let her finish pulling it off over her head. The bra does match the pants. She has a little navel ornamentation, and her stomach muscles ripple gently as she sits down, crosses her legs, and talks to me about nudity. Which is where, of course, we are heading.

Do you like the way a lock of her hair just falls across her eyes when she’s speaking? She says she feels comfortable with her body, and who can blame her? The time has come to finish uncovering her. Come back tomorrow.

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Abigail: Day Two

First, she removes her high-heels. Then listen close and you can hear her breathing from her deep core as she reaches for the sun salutation pose. Striding forward, she can’t prevent her short dress riding up her long, bare legs and stretching tight over her chest. She commits to it, relaxing, letting her hair fall over her face. As she stands up, her hands lightly sweep the hem of her dress up… just a little. So I had to ask her about the length of the dress. “Maybe a little short.” She confesses she has to pull at it a little to keep it down.

I asked her to lift the dress to the top of her long legs. She rarely wears a bra, but she’s wearing a black lace bra and matching underwear today. Time to see the panties. I wonder if she’ll be willing to take the dress off tomorrow? I think so.

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Abigail: Day One

Abigail, born in Brooklyn, is a writer and waitress. She’s active and in wonderful shape – she sent us a photo showing her running on a beach in a small bikini. She loves painting, dancing and running, and she’s a sun lover. She grew up as a trained dancer, and now she does yoga.

She wore a light, very short dress to the interview. As soon as she walked in, sat down and crossed her legs, I had to look away. Then I looked again. I wonder if she would get into a yoga position wearing the dress, and what the result would be.

It’s hard to believe that this beautiful, fresh-faced young woman is going to attempt a sun salutation dressed as she is. But tomorrow she does, and you’ll see it here on the Slow Exposure.

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Gia: Day Five

Meet Gia

And here we are, on day five, arrived at the inevitable. Between the idea of a woman’s nudity, and the precision of the reality, there was always the small gap of the unimaginable – according to the writer Kundera. The Slow Exposure bridges the gap. Here is Gia, laughing at the beginning of the clip, then concentrating, arriving at the reality of removing her panties. She uses a hand to cover her sex, looking away to the side of the camera. Naked now, except for her long glove-like sleeves, she drops her hands and we see the unimaginable.

You must become a member to watch this.

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Gia: Day Four

Gia, this is the day to go a little further. Only black bra and panties left. She turns her head aside, then turns her body slightly away, as she unclasps the bra, and uses one to shield and support her breasts. Then she looks down and carefully switches to crossed arms, each breast held in one hand. It seems awkward, so I ask her to drop her hands. We see her topless. She says I’m not asking for anything “over the top.” Well, it’s obvious what I’m going to ask for tomorrow.

Meet Gia

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Gia: Day Three

This is the last day before Gia starts to show nudity. The last day you can watch without becoming a member. It’s worth watching, though, because you’ll see her long, shapely body in her underwear. She starts by removing her dress. Suddenly she lifts the hem, and you see her legs bare for the first time. Then she pauses. Then quickly, it’s off, and you see her toned stomach, her full chest in – yes – a black bra. She adjusts her black briefs, then checks her bra to make sure she’s fully covered.

You have to see how this continues tomorrow. Join now.

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Gia:Day Two

Our second day with Gia. So far, she’s only removed her shoes. She’s tall. Under the flowing dress, you can see that her legs are long. I ask her to reach up under it and pull down her dark tights. Under her sweater, she wears long, black gloves. Even at the beach, she wears a goth look – all black swimwear, shades. She has never sunbathed topless. You think she’s wearing black underwear? Find out tomorrow.

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Gia: Day One

Meet Gia. Find out about her. She’s a musician – piano, guitar, violin – she likes to write, she likes to have fun. She does a lot of yoga – hey, she’ll pose for us. It’s her first time doing anything like this. You’ll see her do it all – if you join the Slow Exposure.

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Hillary: Day Five


In the video gallery, see this articulate, opinionated California transplant undress to her dark briefs, and then push them down to be totally naked. Okay, except for the socks, which we kind of liked. Please don’t hesitate: it is worth the price of admission.

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