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Here is where it happens…the Slow Exposure

 You see a woman in the street, on the subway, in a crowded bar.  There seem to be days when every woman you see is attractive, in her own way beautiful.  There is the fantasy of being with anyone you desire, instantly.   But that is only fantasy.  “There is always the small part that is unimaginable.  When he saw a woman in her clothes, he could naturally imagine more or less what she would look like naked…but between the approximation of the idea and the precision of the reality, there was a small gap of the unimaginable, and it was this hiatus that gave him no rest” (Milan Kundera).   Slow Exposure closes the gap.  Slow Exposure makes the unimaginable real: you meet her, you learn about her, slowly she undresses.  Real women of New York: the precision of the reality.

About Slow Exposure

Slow Exposure is an erotic art project, exploring the possibility of creating arousing imagery without the cliches of pornography.  Slow Exposure recognizes the eroticism of undressing, of the nude figure, and of the teasing revelation of the forbidden, and is interested in exploring the possibilities for excitement in the absence of role-playing, supposedly provocative poses, “sexy” lingerie, and submission.  
Our models are women who answered advertisements.  They are not professional nude models, strippers, etc.  The interviews are unrehearsed.  Non-nude images are distributed free; nude images require membership.  The gallery of models is still growing.

About Us

Slow Exposure is brought to you by a New York-based writing-publishing-performance company.  We can be contacted at info@slowexposure .com.
All content on this website is © Quiet Days, 2009, and distribution for any use without prior, express, written consent is strictly prohibited.

Slow Exposure is a Quiet Days production.

If you’d like to cancel your subscription and not to be billed again, please contact us at info@slowexposure.com or contact CCBill at (https://support.ccbill.com/) via live chat, phone 1.888.596.9279 email at support@ccbill.com.”

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