So lucky to be able to bring you Bridgit. Look at her – face of an angel; so pretty. Slender too, now she’s taken off three or four layers of winter protection. Her feet are already bare too after taking off her winter boots. She’s a New Yorker, raised in the Bronx, now in Manhattan, and you aren’t going to believe what she does for a living. A great set of videos coming up.

The last scraps of Brandi’s modesty: abandoned in the video gallery right now.

Brandi is tugging hard at her bra to explain the problems she’s had with bikini tops, and then tells us a story about a thin summer dress coming unfastened. “I was wearing underwear.” Her underwear is coming off here.

Don’t you love the way she adjusts the back of her briefs with a little tug once the jeans are off? Why doesn’t she show those great legs more? It’s not shyness, she says, just her personal style. We bet she showed them when she was a cheerleader.

Brandi: Day Two

Brandi has done a little modeling before but nothing like this: “This is different.” We examine some of her small, visible tattoos, then ask what she likes to do. The park, the beach…and bowling. Talking about her long legs, we …


Brandi: Day One

Brandi is from Pennsylvania, but has been in New York seventeen years. She lives in Manhattan and is an accessory designer, self-taught and successful. And when she stands up you’ll see the trim, fit body which backs up the beautiful …


Anna (brunette): Day Four

Goodbye black bikini, hello nudity.


Anna (brunette): Day Three

Anna looks like she’s ready to get some sun as she reveals a black bikini under her street clothes. That bikini top needs to come off.


Anna (brunette): Day Two

Enter a little further into Anna’s world today as she tells us a little about herself while unfastening and removing those little shorts.


Anna (brunette): Day One

Yet again, we bring you an unmistakeable first-timer. Anna is looking for a job, looking for something to do, so one day she just came in and did Slow Exposure.