We were away this week, so as a special treat, here comes the full Twister episode in the video gallery.



Members are enjoying all of Krystal, as we try to resolve the contradiction between a young girl who won’t wear short dresses and hates her tummy showing, and a beautiful woman prepared to be nude – even willing, she says, to be nude in front of an audience. The last garment goes at the beginning of today’s segment, and although we see everything, notice the way her hands keep drifting back as if to cover herself. She’s rightly proud of herself, and also looks like she wishes she was invisible. An amazing week.

Anyone paying attention this week can see that Krystal is tall and slender but has a generous chest. With her bra gone, she struggles to hide her breasts with her arm. She’s a shy young girl, and yet she’s participating in Slow Exposure. She’s laughing too. Her breasts are beautiful when we finally see them (in the video gallery tomorrow). As soon as she gets the chance, you’ll see her position her arms again so that her nipples are covered. A natural tease.

When did we last have a guest as Slow Exposure with such amazing legs? A tragedy Krystal doesn’t wear short dresses. She’s not even a beach-goer: “Too hot!” She swims in a pool, though, wearing a two-piece, and today we’ll see just what she’d look like in a bikini. Isn’t it intriguing that she has a trouble finding a bikini top which isn’t too small…? She has to swim in a t-shirt sometimes. And then we get to the story of the tube-top malfunction. It just fell down: “And I dropped to the ground…” Oh, this is a fun segment.

Krystal: Day Two

We spend today trying to get to know Krystal a little better, but beyond her neuroscience studies she’s a bit of a mystery. She doesn’t exercise (“I pig out…”), no sports at school (“a social outcast”), movies are expensive and …


Krystal: Day One

Such loveliness this week, from Yonkers via the Bronx. Meet Krystal, a tall, pretty student – of neuroscience, no less. She’s dressed casually for the hot weather, with a sassy hat and some interesting cleavage showing in her low-cut tank …


Angela in the Video Gallery


Angela’s full exposure, all her nudity, in the video gallery right now.


Angela: Day Four

There’s something about Angela. As she told us, she’s worked in a variety of jobs: but she does have the look of an old-time movie star, or a Broadway actress, or perhaps an executive PA. But what would she look …


Angela: Day Three

Blonde Angela talks about whether she’s wear short dresses or shorts in the summer, which gives us an excuse to ask to see her pale, elegant legs–and do we glimpse her underwear as she steps out of her pants? Oh …


Angela: Day Two

After removing that lovely vintage scarf, Angela talks about how she keeps in shape: her physique is natural, and we get an idea of it as she unwraps her sweater.