Lenora’s warm smile is starting to shine through (she is soft-spoken, though). She likes reading and going to art galleries. Her backless dress gives a preview of her pale, slender body. Her favorite style features pearls and a feather in her hair – she’s not a mini-skirt, belly shirt girl. Time for her to start undressing.

Every week seems a little more special. Take Lenora, for example, a name straight out of the poems of Edgar Allan Poe. She almost looks like a raven on Day One, all wrapped up in black and quiet and intense. She came from Seattle to the East Village and she’s a student – a budding neuroscientist, no less. She’s wearing a ‘20s-style black flapper dress under her coat – black – “the theme is always black.” She thinks women are beautiful. We think Lenora is beautiful.

Victoria bra

Victoria says she’s happy with her body – rightly so – and can’t imagine a situation in which she’d be embarrassed by nudity. Okay, in the case please show us – and she has an interesting narrow strip of hair to display. She talks about her future: finding opportunities to create art through movement, using nudity and sexuality in intelligent and socially aware ways. Smart girl. And delicious.

Victoria butt

Some things just want to be free. In this case, Victoria’s splendid breasts. That tight bra is pushing them up and out, but when released you’ll see that they’re natural and really quite lovely. At least, if you’re a member you will.

Victoria (natural): Day Three

Victoria is slowly coming apart, her pants open, her thong showing, her chest almost spilling from her tubetop. In fact, the weight of her pants is starting to pull her thong down at the front and we have to ask …


Victoria (natural): Day Two

The first thing we all noticed is that Victoria’s close don’t meet in the middle. She wondered if it was “too slutty” but decided it was fine for New York in the summer. Hands up! Belly button! Stop it, get …


Victoria: Day One

Here’s our latest find, Victoria. She is voluptuous (and all natural) and eager to show us her attributes. In fact, she’s been eager to show people from a very young age. Yes, this is a first for Slow Exposure. We …


Jessie: Day Six


Jessie spent yesterday’s segment bottomless, quite comfortably chatting about going clubbing and dancing. You’ll have noticed that, even unfastened, she keeps her bra closely hugged to her chest. When asked to let it fall, she hesitates a moment. Then does …


Jessie: Day Four

Our sweet biochemist Jessie has much to say and much to show, so it took us four whole days to reduce things to her bra and her vanishingly scanty – and actually quite see-through – thong. As a special treat …


Jessie: Day Five


We totally change things up today. In almost every Slow Exposure we’ve ever filmed, the last article of clothing our guest removes is her underpants (okay, we’ve had a couple who forgot to wear them in the first place). With …