Let’s make some progress today, starting out with getting Hillary to turn her top into a belly-shirt. “I’m so pale!” We don’t care – and hey, she’s wearing thigh high socks, which I think are kind of cool. We get her jeans down and see her slim thighs. She looks very relaxed, sprawled back on the couch with her pants around her knees and her shirt hiked up over her belly. She’s relaxed about nudity – went to a progressive high school where all the girls showered together, and has even been naked at Burning Man. 

Hillary likes the red shirt she’s wearing – “a good boob shirt.” She doesn’t like wearing bras, or underwear generally, but she’s not so into short skirts or belly shirts. The red shirt lifts a little by accident, and we’ll soon end up examining her navel piercing. She is wearing bra and panties for us, though, and we’ll see them tomorrow.

Here is Hillary, originally from California, now a New York-based freelance writer with long blonde hair, long legs, and a kind of “hippy” approach to being naked. She starts out well wrapped up thanks to the cold weather. She tells us a little bit today about Aikido, her martial arts interest. Tomorrow we start deconstructing her outfit.


I like all our models, but Frances is special. Her intelligence, her good humor, her smile – put them all together, and it creates an amazing context for the surprise, shock almost, of her complete nudity. We start with a rear view, which is lovely, then she pushes the pants off and uses one hand to cover her sex. She releases her breasts, with that shy, slow smile: “I’m a little nervous.” And then we see it all. Truly special, and only for members of the Slow Exposure.

Remember: this is exclusive content which we create, and you will find it nowhere else.

Frances: Day Four


And here we are at last. The day on which this smart, talented, attractive artist shows herself to the camera, for the first time and exclusively here. She’s still smiling, although her attempt to cover her breasts with her arms …


Frances: Day Three

“Now this,” she says, “is the embarrassing part.” That’s when she has to get down to her two-piece underwear. The clip starts with her peeling the jeans from a her long, toned legs. She has been tugging at that sweater …


Frances: Day Two


Frances looks in great shape in those jeans, so as she takes off her winter boots I start to ask her how she keeps in shape. She’s mainly a bike-rider and walker – doesn’t have patience for yoga. Her short …


Frances: Day One


We’re pleased to announce that this fabulous appearance by Frances, long lost, was recently recovered.  Not seen here for a long time, this is one of our favorite Slow Exposure women.  Enjoy. Welcome to the Slow Exposure. And meet Frances. …


Erica-Lee: Day Five


She says she’s used to nudity through attending live art modeling classes. But has she done live nude modeling herself? No, and she’s not going to do it at her school! She’ll do it here though, just for us. Finally, …


Erica-Lee: Day Four


Erica-Lee tells about the day her bra “just literally popped.” We get her to unzip the bandeau containing her very full chest, and she admits she gets some compliments on her chest. She wrestles to cover herself with her hands …