What a big smile from Gloria, a tall Queens-born New Yorker, who is quick to let us know she has never, ever done anything like this before.

So, we know Amanda has problems with one breast escaping from her bra. We ask her to let them both out; she does so, and holds her hands to cover them. She’s a complete beginner when it comes to photo shoots, but she thinks it’s okay to be naked in front of people. For some reason, she thinks her body isn’t perfect. It’s hard to imagine it being much better. She sheds her panties and shows us.

In the video gallery right now.

You know she’s sweet and pretty, and you’ve just seen her fine legs, but you are not prepared for how amazing her body is under that loose old sweater. She hauls it off, and we see her perfect stomach completely exposed at last, and can hardly wait to see more.

Yes, she has pretty feet. She talks about making friends in the big city, about what she likes to do in her spare time (talk about food!) and she shows her navel again before tugging those slim jeans down. Would you think she gets compliments on her legs?

Amanda: Day Two

Amanda stands and tells us what she’s wearing, including really tight jeans, and a casual sweater which kind of gets out attention. We try a little experiment–and yes, she flashes her belly button.


Amanda: Day One

You are all going to adore Amanda–so sweet, so pretty, so friendly. And what lies under those wrappers of winter clothes? She finished college in the spring and arrived in the city from North Carolina just two months ago, and …


Something for the Holidays: A Dream of Melany


Members will be seeing Melany’s full clip tomorrow: undressing, stretching, nude: in the video gallery.


Something for Summer: A Dream of Melany


Available in the video gallery Friday: the full clip of this special session with Melany.


Something for the Summer: A Dream of Melany


This week on Slow Exposure, behind the scenes with wonderful Melany. The full length clip appears in the video gallery Friday.


Amanda (Dancer) in the Video Gallery


Just to keep you warm this weekend, we’ve released Amanda’s complete, full nude segment in the members’ video gallery. Nowhere else will you see a stunning amateur first-timer, ballet dancer and college student, quite like this. Amanda reveals she was …