Katie’s fifth and final day ends with the reality of her beautiful nudity. The pants come down and she holds her hands over her sex as she describes how she’s feeling. What does Katie look like when she takes the hands away and finally stands naked? Members can find out. Join Slow Exposure for all our models in the video gallery. Real women, real beauty.

Today is the day Katie removes her bra. She takes it slowly, first unclasping it, then turning away to push down the back of her panties. The bra is off and she crosses her arms to hide her chest. Katie says she’s critical about her body. I’m not. And the segment ends with the surprise discovery of a most unusual tattoo. You need to join Slow Exposure to see Katie’s beautiful breasts.

Katie wears a bikini to the beach, and we can see how spectacular that would look when she pulls off the dress to show herself in black bra and panties. Admire her as the camera sweeps slowly up and down her slender body.

I asked Katie if she could show me a classical Chinese dance move, and she just drops into a perfect splits. A beautiful girl in a very short black dress doing the splits. This is going well. It turns out she’s wearing the dress because she, well, didn’t quite make it home the night before. The dark tights flatter her long, slim legs; but it’s time to take them off.

Katie: Day One

Katie was born in China, but grew up in Canada, and moved to the New York area eight years ago. An architecture students, she loves the city, especially the people-watching. We’ll be watching Katie this week. She says she’s a …


Simone in the Video Gallery


You know where to find her, yes? This tall, long-limbed, restless rover. Share some final laughs with her, and see her naked, in the video gallery right now.


Simone: Day Four

She thinks the way she dressed today was pretty “scanty,” and that’s fair. But she’s be wearing even less at the beach: she goes topless there, and she’s about to go topless here.


Simone: Day Three

First up, shirt off. We talk about her look, which is certainly striking. Then we get into a misunderstanding over “adult coloring,” which sounds like some kind of erotic art practice: but no, it’s just “very intense.”


Simone: Day Two

Simone stands up and–look–there’s her belly button, exposed in her crop top. Her legs are exposed by her clingy shorts too. She’s 5’11 plus heels, which takes her over six feet. She tried modeling, but didn’t like the way the …


Simone: Day One

Simone is from Southern California, and is in New York just for the summer. She works as a hostess, but isn’t doing anything right now; but–here’s a surprise–she’s an ordained minister. Apparently it’s easy to be one: literally anyone can …