The final revelations, as Dasani helps remove Storm’s last scraps of modesty. Thanks, girls.

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Dasani’s losing very badly. How about Storm?

Check it all out in the video gallery.

Will the Power of the Towel save Dasani from embarrassment as she continues to lose badly and decides to drop her briefs? Or will the towel let he down…and can you see something you shouldn’t?

The girls are NUDE in the video gallery from today.

Storm has a lot for her strapless bra to contain, and as her top comes off, do we see a little nipple slip there?

Dasani & Storm: Day Five

Dasani wrinkles her pretty nose as she struggles to pull her tight pants off, then sprinkles change all over the floor. Storm invites us to examine Dasani’s “booty.” We have some more embarrassing questions, and we’ll have nudity…when we continue.


Dasani & Storm: Day Four

“Storm, do you remember the first time you saw Dasani naked?” It’s time for some embarrasssing questions.


Dasani & Storm: Day Three

Learn more about Storm and her style–and see her pants come off. Thong alert.


Dasani & Storm: Day Two

Who will win The Power of the Towel? And what the heck is it, anyway?


Dasani & Storm: Day One

College student Dasani is back to intoduce to her friend Storm. And get into a game of strip high-low. This is going to be fun.


Carson in the Video Gallery

Carson’s ready for whatever comes into her life in New York — like Slow Exposure, for instance. We find her completely naked today, and thinking about her future: children, travel. Enjoy this lovely woman in the video gallery right now.