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Chloe: Day One

Although we review photographs before inviting our guests, we never quite know what is going to talk through the door. In this chaos, Chloe, an Amazonian knockout, looking voluptuous in her sundress and staggeringly tall in her wedge heels. Meet her.

Chloe: Day Two

Yesterday we met Chloe. Today she seems about ready to burst out of her very minimal hot-weather clothes. She’s wearing nothing but the tiny sundress and thong underwear. And, of course, those tall shoes, which he have her remove. Not sure whether we’re looking up her dress or down her dress as she does that.

Chloe: Day Three

We talk to Chloe a little bit about how she maintains her statuesque figure, then we observe the effect on her dress of her stretching her hands above her head. A little cheeky? She lifts the dress to flash her stomach and nearly, accidentally, flashes her boobs too. With her back turned, she steps out of the dress, showing her thong underwear.

Chloe: Day Four

As Chloe sits holding her dress over her full chest, we talk about the problems she’s had containing her curves. She’s not a bra wearer, which increases the risks. “I bend over to get something, and one would come out.” Let’s see how that would work.

Chloe: Day Five

Sophia Loren once said she was reluctant to be nude in movies because “when Sophia is naked, it is a lot of nakedness.” Remember this as you look at Chloe: lots and lot of tanned skin. That pretty thong has to go, and she turns away as she peels it off, then holds her hands lightly over her lap. Finally, we see it all.

Colette: Day One

Colette gets by in New York as an actress–specifically in indie and video productions–and occasional model. Originally from Maine, she’s been in the city for five or six years. She’s been doing theater since she was about five years old; community theater up in Maine, and now film here.

Colette: Day Two

Colette likes to read and write and travel and see her friends. The last part leads to a complete misunderstanding, but we reboot the conversation and carry on. We don’t often have a guest in sleek black tights, so it’s a pleasure to watch them come off.

Colette: Day Three

Colette says she doesn’t want to be a TV star. She’d be happy doing weird independent films for the rest of her life, if that was possible. She’s done some raunchy work in movies already, including a sex scene: “It was interesting.” The dress is removed.

Colette: Day Four

You think you see more than you really do here. The briefs look a little see-through. Colette’s bra–because she lost weight recently–doesn’t fit her petite figure very snugly, and we’re on the edge of nipple slip territory. Maybe she should take it off.

Colette in the Video Gallery

Colette’s attempt to protect the modesty of her chest is defeated by a sweet nipple nosing its way to freedom. We figure out she has no tattoos or piercings (not counting ears) because there’s no design she’s ready to commit to. She turns away as her panties come off, but although she lays her hands flat over her lap, we can’t help seeing she has a natural, unshaved look. What about the future, Colette? See her full nakedness in the video gallery right now.

Charlotte: Day One

We have a student with us this week (economics and psychology). Charlotte is a west coast transplant and we caught her just before she heads home to Seattle. Lucky us. Now what is it about that sun dress. She can’t leave it alone and has no idea, until we point it out, that she is accidentally showing everyone her panties.

Charlotte: Day Two

We are all over Charlotte’s pretty legs today as that flared summer dress continues to let her down. “I didn’t realize.” Not only does it not stay down; when she turns around we see it’s transparent. There’s a thong. We talk about what she does for fun; movies, clubs. And then we just ask her to lift the dress up.

Charlotte: Day Three

We’ve enjoyed her pretty legs, we know a bit about her: it’s time to see the sweet body underneath that naughty sundress. She’s in great bikini shape, but we immediately discover she doesn’t tan in a thong bikini. Pale butt! Let’s take another look.


Charlotte: Day Four

Lovely, fresh-faced Charlotte takes off her bra today. What else to say? Members can see it all in the video gallery. She looks splendid.


Charlotte: Day Five

We take Charlotte back to her volleyball days when she and the other girls would try to cover up when changing. She’s okay with undressing in front of strangers now – which is just as well. Her final scrap of modesty goes today as she pulls the pants down. Shall we just say – natural look?

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