The towel is going… Yes, it’s gone. The last veil. And here is amazing Emily, completely naked, smiling and still chatting with us. We could compliment her on her skin too, but we are almost running out of compliments. How about some final poses? What does she think about the experience? “It’s interesting, it’s new…Thank you for having me.” Emily, thank you: and our members thank you too.

In the video gallery.

How did we ever get this lucky? Did you meet any woman more beautiful than Emily anywhere else this week? And she is going to slowly slide her delicate undergarments off under the cover of a towel. Of course, Slow Exposure members are going to see what is under the towel too. Can we confirm, Emily, that you are completely naked under there? “Yes.”

Gorgeous Emily’s flowing dress is a mess as we start today, because she’s been lifting at the front and flashing at the back. Might as well take it off completely. The black two-piece lingerie – anyone else thinking “Swordfish,” but with Halle Berry’s younger sister? She looks magnificent, sitting back in her underwear, lightly resting her palms on her thighs. Listen to the story about her short black dress ripping, and imagine what members are going to see tomorrow.

So, what do you think? Isn’t she beautiful? And what is under that flowing dress? We’ll find out a little bit today, after asking her to strike some elegant poses – we’ll try to ask her how she feels about short skirts. And without hesitating, she lifts that hem to show us. What about doing the same thing, but lifting the dress from the rear? She hasn’t been to a topless beach, but she’d like to. We’ll have to imagine some sand for her.

Emily: Day One

Let’s welcome stunning Emily to the Slow Exposure community. Honestly, if you have no interest whatsoever in seeing what Emily looks like without that elegant, flowing, ankle-length summer dress, you are in the wrong place. Let her beautiful eyes and …


Bree: Day Five


Reach the conclusion, or climax, of orgasmic meditation, with Bree in the video gallery.


Bree: Day Four

Bree pulls her sports/dance bra over her head and stands with her hands covering her breasts for a moment before dropping them and showing herself topless. She’s comfortable with being seen like this now; when she was younger she found …


Bree: Day Three

Yoga day today, and Bree shows us a spectacular headstand in her top and underpants, her shirt falling down her body. Keep it tucked up like that. She has been a dancer, she exercises by biking and walking as well …


Bree: Day Two

We talk about what Bree’s wearing — it’s clear she’s wearing a very low-cut top — and then about her art practice. She’s a painter and a video/photo artist, recently engaged with “alternative porn.” That sounds like something we should …


Bree Day One

Bree is tall, relaxed, smiling, and very beautiful. She’s a New York/Pennsylvania mix, just out of school, working as a visual artist and performer. She’s also exploring meditation — specifically orgasmic meditation. You’ll want to hear more about that.