A few moments into today’s segment, Mya has nothing left but her smile. And briefly her hand, which she uses to cover herself after she whisks her pants down. We talk about the future. She’d like to work for a literary magazine one day: a naked muse.

What’s behind Mya’s bra? We find out all too quickly today, as she fails at the handkini, letting a little pink nipple drop accidentally into view. We might as well see everything. (Members will see her topless in the video gallery.)

Our genuine first-timer, Mya, begins the day by removing her shirt and showing us her full, womanly curves in only her bra and pants. We ask her if she’s ever had any, well, nipple slips, but she’s not calling any to mind, instead telling us about a tanning problem. Oh well. Perhaps she’d remove her bra?

Mya, our curvy Massachusetts girl, is based in Williamsburg now. She gives us a dimply smile as she takes her pants off. She’s a writer too, at least when she has time, but we’re also interested in how much you can see down her top, especially when she bends forwards.

Mya: Day One

A complete newbie, Mya has never done anything like this before. She’s a Massachusetts girl, heavily dressed for this because of the wintry weather in which we filmed. She’s working as a personal assistant to a graphic artist. She’s an …


End of Summer Special: A Dream of Melany


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